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Product Code : TWNS11

Twins.Tw has been specifically developed for the anti-stain protection of surfaces in polished marble, stone, granite and stoneware. It confers strong anti-oil and water repellent features and ensures high protection without changing the aspect of the surface. Solvent-based product.

How To Use:

On a well clean and dry surface evenly apply one coat of TWINS.TW with circular movements, using a cloth. Once dry, remove the eventual residues with a cloth or a pad. On high absorbent surfaces, we suggest applying a second coat. We remind that TWINS.TW does not protect from acids (lemon, wine…). Treated surfaces, once dry, are suitable for food contact.


Keep far from heating sources. Keep container well sealed. Ensure proper ambient ventilation during use. Exposure may cause skin dryness. Harmful if swallowed. Eyes and skin irritating. Wear suitable protective clothing during use. Do not eat, drink or smoke during use. Well, wash hands after use. Wear a dace mask. Keep far from the reach of children. Do not pour down drains.


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