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Product Code : FDPSHW


Aquanit is made of 100% porcelain material and bears all of the features of a porcelain tile. It is non-absorbent, durable and long-lasting. It does not wear out as it is not affected by chemicals and maintains.


Silicon or grout is not required at Aquanit's wall and floor intersection points. Therefore, there is no cause for pollution, bacteria, mold or fungi generation.


With our different dimensions, Aquanit can also be resized according to spatial needs.
80cm x 80cm - 90cm x 90 cm - 80cm x 120cm - 90cm x 135cm


With its self-specific discharge system, Aquanit is a total solution package for your bathroom. It is offered with an eccentric that can be moved right and left for +/-12mm, spiral hair trap and cover alternatives.


Aquanit has been designed for easy application. With its single-piece body, outlet and siphon elements are conveniently installed.


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